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  • 16 Avenue South Naples, FL

    16 Avenue South Naples, FL

    Took this shot of the Gulf of Mexico on a calm day when my wife and I were driving around Naples, Florida. While there are public beaches along the Gulf Coast, I hate that a lot of it is taken up by large mansions, etc.

  • Paris in the 1920s

    Paris in the 1920s

    I’m a huge fan of seeing photos from France in Paris in the distant past and 100 years ago is amazing to see how much is different and how much hasn’t changed. These colored photos by Jules Gervais-Courtellemont will take you back through time to see how Paris looked in 1923. The vivid images are…

  • Drive Through Dining

    Drive Through Dining

    Visitors passing through looking for a meal…

  • Electioneering


    “‘This is Rome.’ Our city is a cesspool of humanity, a place of deceit, plots and vice of every imaginable kind. Anywhere you turn you will see arrogance, stubbornness, malevolence, pride and hatred. Amid such a swirl of evil, it takes a remarkable man with sound judgement and great skill to avoid stumbling, gossip and…

  • Some Thoughts on Photography

    Some Thoughts on Photography

    Some people are scared of enhancing their photos. They needn’t be. Several years ago, I was approached by a co-worker asking for some help because he had decided to try and start selling his Photography. He had created a simple site and asked if I’d give it a look and what my thoughts were on…