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  • And Yet…We Survived

    And Yet…We Survived

    I have very fond memories of riding a similar ride to this one in the mid to late 70s when I was much younger. I loved this ride. Of course, it’s nearly, if not completely, impossible to find this ride anymore in the US because, I’m sure, it’s “too dangerous.” There are attractions similar to…

  • Are Flying Taxis The Future?

    Are Flying Taxis The Future?

    This recent NY Times article about the quest to build a flying Taxi service is interesting but doesn’t address some of the less thought about questions when moving from the ground to the air.

  • The No Recipe Cookbook

    The No Recipe Cookbook

    The Atlantic has an article about a new cookbook by Sam Sifton that throws out the traditional recipe in favor of a less ridged structure. They pull this quote from the book for Teriyaki Salmon With Mixed Greens: Turn your oven to 400°F or so, and while it heats, make a teriyaki sauce with soy…

  • Air France’s New Safety Video

    Air France’s New Safety Video

    Air France, my airline of choice, has a new safety video which is not only a new talk about safety when flying, but a stunning tour of France. Love the ending shot of the crew at the end.

  • Any better use of $400,000?

    Any better use of $400,000?

    Sure, sure. There’s probably a better use of $400,000….

  • Photo: In This Temple…

    Photo: In This Temple…

  • FYI: 1928

    FYI: 1928

    When you hear someone say that anything is the greatest thing “since sliced bread,” they mean since 1928 Wikipedia: Sliced Bread When the sliced bread was first sold, it was advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped”. So, if something is amazing, you can say that it’s the…

  • Defining Freedom

    Defining Freedom

    I don’t get to read much of The New York Times, but this article [pay walled] from last week caught my eye. Elizabeth Dias travels to Sioux Center, Iowa to discover why white evangelical Christians continue to support Donald Trump. One of the points of the article is how the people interviewed often they mention…

  • Bloomberg’s One Big Mistake

    Bloomberg’s One Big Mistake

    The Democratic Convention is done and Joe Biden is the official candidate for President. The journey to this point was a long, crowded primary season with an amazing twenty individuals vying for the Presidency. Then, after a few states held their primaries, in steps Michael Bloomberg to the fray. He spent an ungodly amount of…

  • Donald Trump, The Fragrance

    Donald Trump, The Fragrance

    Yes, at one point, you too could have smelled just like #45.