And Yet…We Survived

I have very fond memories of riding a similar ride to this one in the mid to late 70s when I was much younger. I loved this ride. Of course, it’s nearly, if not completely, impossible to find this ride anymore in the US because, I’m sure, it’s “too dangerous.” There are attractions similar to… Read More »And Yet…We Survived

Are Flying Taxis The Future?

This recent NY Times article about the quest to build a flying Taxi service is interesting but doesn’t address some of the less thought about questions when moving from the ground to the air.

Visit the Louvre

This past year while a lot of tourist attractions have been closed, museums have been putting their collections online for people to peruse from the comfort of their homes. A couple of weeks ago, the Louvre announced their database of more the 480,000 works from the Musée du Louvre and Musée National Eugène-Delacroix are now… Read More »Visit the Louvre

Behind the scenes at a French Bakery.

It should probably not be a surprise that I love French patisseries. It’s great to see this three part video looking behind the scenes of the magic of the workers making everything from scratch and fresh ingredients. Première partie Deuxième partie Troisième partie

This is NOT Big Ben…

Big Ben is actually the bell inside the tower…which you can not see from the outside. The tower is officially called Elizabeth Tower. Next time you’re in London, make sure you don’t make the same mistake of most every other tourist and say, “Oh! I see Big Ben…” Ya don’t!

The No Recipe Cookbook

The Atlantic has an article about a new cookbook by Sam Sifton that throws out the traditional recipe in favor of a less ridged structure. They pull this quote from the book for Teriyaki Salmon With Mixed Greens: Turn your oven to 400°F or so, and while it heats, make a teriyaki sauce with soy… Read More »The No Recipe Cookbook

Paris in the 1920s

I’m a huge fan of seeing photos from France in Paris in the distant past and 100 years ago is amazing to see how much is different and how much hasn’t changed. These colored photos by Jules Gervais-Courtellemont will take you back through time to see how Paris looked in 1923. The vivid images are… Read More »Paris in the 1920s